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Media molecule9 is a lbp2 player works for LBP2-and-a-half . He is an active member of The Royal Order Of Great Accounts and a enemy of mega boy. He is one of the survivors of The Battle of The Flaming Pod.


media molecule9's old guard robes

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Media molecule9 wears a brown ezio hood and a tight brown shirt. He has yellow evil eyes and white skin and also wears wellington boots and a gasmask. Now he wears a dark purple robe with a knife and a dark purple hood. He now also wears a black mask and around his eyes and kept his gasmask. 

Mm9 1





  1. He is a high ranking member of the royal order of the great accounts
  2. He has also fought Dandrose a few times.
  3. His sackboy may glitch to the point where he can no longer spawn during flaming pod.

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